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I Collect Pinball Machines And Currently Own About 40
My Primary Interests Are 70's EM's And Early 80's SS
In Morse,Kansas Just Outside Kansas City

My Game Room

I Have Over 20 Games Setup
To Play In My Game Room
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The List-Games I Own

And A Few I've Sold

Do Wa Ditty, Zenith Shuffle Bowler, Spot Pool, Serenade, Big Casino, Reserve, Bo Bo The Clown,
Ten Spot, Swing Along, Slick Chick, Soccer, 2 in 1, Super Score, King Tut, Airport,
Trail Drive, Hit N Run, Klondike, Top Card, Jungle, Play Ball, Pro Football, Darling, Duck Hunt,
Sky Jump, Super Flite, Fast Draw, Hi Deal, Capt. Fantastic, Toledo, Entertainer, Bronco,
Liberty Bell, Freedom, Team One, Jack's Open, Centigrade 37, Big Top, Dragon, Strikes N Spares,
Charlie's Angels, Countdown, Paragon, Star Trek, Solar Ride, Stellar Wars, Black Out, Black Knight,
Silverball Mania, Fire Power, Black Hole, Flight 2000, Flash Gordon, Elektra, Volcano, Jungle Lord,
Haunted House, Vector, Eight Ball Deluxe Ltd., El Dorado City Of Gold, X's and O's, Earthshaker,
Fish Tales, Cue Ball Wizard, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Road Show, Waterworld, Breakshot,

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Stuff I'd Sell or Trade stuff

pinball@johncglennon.com or 913-239-9187

Stuff I Am Looking For

Any Pinball Available Locally
I Pay Cash For Broken Pinball Machines
And I'll Break Them Down And Move Them Myself

Also Looking For These

Solar Fire
Iron Maiden
Split Secound
HighSpeed 2
Royal Rumble
A Short (14Ft Or Less) Ball Bowler
BackGlass For Trail Drive
BackGlass For Solar Fire

Thanks For Looking!